Manoj Uniyal Journey to Becoming Drugs-Free

I was in active addiction since I was 15 and I started drinking I’m not sure I will ever know the answer. Looking back, I can’t complain about my upbringing. I had a normal home life like everyone else I knew, my parents were always happy, never argued, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke and both worked hard and they were strict and conservative. After some time when they noticed my drinking and behavior they tried their best to make me understand sometimes by beating and sometimes by love then after some time they planned that I should go study further and maybe they were thinking new atmosphere will change me but that was just beginning of my addiction further after some time I was in complete addiction of alcohol It made me selfish and after several years my parents arranged my marriage thinking that marriage will be a wake up call for me to change, but I just drank more. I was waking up not knowing what time or day it was and drinking. after some time god blessed me with 2 children but at that time alcohol was the only thing I needed I was irresponsible and selfish i was complete opposite from my father I never helped my wife and parents in any situation

Time passed I turned 33 at that time alcohol was a necessity to me and it started affecting my health my wife and parents were concerned they admitted me to rehabilitation center I still remember the withdrawals and hallucinations and seizure I faced during my first rehab I had multiple seizures after 2 months in rehab my condition was so critical I got admitted to hospital but after giving time my body and mind started healing I had 7 months sobriety maybe even a little bit longer.

The day I got out from rehab I drank that night and next morning I was in rehab my parents were sure they want me to live a healthy life that day I realized that if I want to live I have to leave my addiction then I stayed there and stayed sober 3 years in meantime I worked as counsellor in rehabilitation center I started taking sessions like sharing, input, reading big book then i started working in hospital and after 6 years I started working as staff in “NuLifeLineCare Rehabilitation Center Dehradun”

Today I completed 11 years of recovery and till date im in NuLifeLineCare “Nasha Mukti Kendra Dehradun”. I like helping others who are still fighting from there addiction My recovery has been a journey. As a man, part of my journey is about finding my voice and figuring out who I am. After nearly a decade of living in recovery, I can tell you that long-term sobriety is not for the faint of heart. A lot has happened in these years.

The challenge for me now is not to fight urges to drink, but to stay passionate about recovery and excited about spirituality. Long-term sobriety is about constantly seeking – seeking to grow, seeking to help others, and seeking what my truth is and living it. It’s about self-reflection, remaining teachable, staying humble, and not compromising my morals regardless of the worldly consequences.

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